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Retailers Step by Step Guide

The following steps will guide you through the onboarding process.

Step 1: Start

Open, and navigate all the way down to the footer of the page, and then click on the Retailers link.

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Step 2: Registration

Enter the manager's name, the store's name and email, and the manager's cell phone. Also, you will need to enter the store's address and read and acknowledge your agreement with the terms of the contract, click on the continue button to continue with the registration.

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Step 3: Temporary Password

You will receive an email with your temporary password which you need to use along with your email address to login in the retails login page.

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Step 4: Reset Password

After logging in, you will be redirected to the reset password page, where may set a new secure password for your account

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Step 5: Employee

After you set your new password you will be redirected to the orders page which will be empty. You will need to click on the Employee tab in the top right menu and add your employees who will be in charge of delivering the products. If you will use other services to deliver your products you can skip this step and you may always come back and add or update your employees in charge of delivering the products

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Step 6: Inventory - Liquors

Now you may start adding the products we need you to list for the customers. Please click on the Inventory tab and start with the Liquors by click on the first item in the list which should be colored in red because it is empty, and there are two numbers which stand for how many items you have already added to this category and how many needs to be added. Each category might have its own subcategories, so please add each item under the correct category or subcategory until its color is green. For instance, you will need to add all your Silver Tequilas under the subcategory Tequilas/Silver Tequila by clicking on the add button and entering the product's full name and the price you wish to receive and the size of the product.

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Step 7: Inventory - Wine, Beer, etc

By clicking on the other tabs of the Inventory you may add all your other items. WINES are very similar to the LIQUORS, however, you may need to enter the year of the wine as well. You may add your beers in the BEERS tab which only has one Beers category. For beers, you will need to enter the count per package and the volume of each. For instance, if it is a six-pack the count would be 6 and the size would be the size of each bottle. After beers, you may start adding all your non-alcoholic drinks under the NON-ALCOHOLIC which is very similar to LIQUORS from the category and subcategory perspective. Everything else could go under the EXTRA tab

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Step 8: Four-Digit Secret Code and Payment Account

We will contact you shortly after you've completed your inventory to review and approve your store and provide you with a four-digit secret code which gives you access to your profile page. Now, you may click on the Profile tab and enter your store's secret code to access your profile page. After accessing your profile page, you will need to update your deposit payment account, so we can pay you directly into your bank account after each delivery was confirmed. In order to do so, you will need to click on the ACCOUNT INFORMATION button and enter all the necessary data and submit the form. We are NOT storing any of the payment information you are entering in the ACCOUNT INFORMATION page and we send your information directly to Stripe, which is one of the most secure and reliable payment processing platforms used by Lyft and many other companies, to process your deposits.

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Step 9: You Are All Set

After your payment account is completed you will receive an email confirming it, and now you are all set, and we will start sending you orders to delivery. You will receive notification from us upon receiving orders, and you may go to your Orders page to process your orders.

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Step 10: Order Handling Steps

You need to complete three steps to handle the order properly. The first step is to contact the recipient and coordinate the date of time of delivery. The second step is to assign the delivery person to the order card and make sure they don't give the order to the recipient before verifying their confirmation code with you, and the third step is to get the confirmation code which was provided to the recipient from PartyLifter and enter it in the confirmation code area of the order.

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Step 11: Payment Transfer and Current Balance

After you have completed all the steps of the order, PartyLifter will transfer the order's payment to your account directly which will be deposited to your bank account. Also, before the balances are deposited to your bank account, you may always check your balance in your profile page.

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