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Photographer - Marina
Price: $360.00
Hours: 5
6 Picture or video listed.

Hello my name is Marina and I am working as a photographer since 9 years. I moved from Brazil to the United States 4 years ago.

Photographer for almost a decade, capturing lifestyle for people and products, beautiful headshots and portraits, landscapes throughout the world and from aerial view. I specialize in fashion, headshots, weddings and aerial photography.I have a full portable studio, wonderful equipment, and different studio sets around town that will make your outfit and you pop.


Type of photography I do:

  • Nature, Landscape
  • Portraits
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Family photos
  • Corporate Events
  • Concert/Live music performance
  • Real Estate


Price: $360.00

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From: $120.00
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best dj of all time I have been doing for ever to get to this point in my life to be whale...

Photographer - Justin - Special Engagement Session
From: $700.00
2 Extra options available. 3 Picture or video listed.

Up to 1.5 hours per session at 1 location...

Photographer Justin - ** Wedding Package **
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Justin offers a starting photography package that includes one event per day, additional ...

Photographer - Jenn
From: $2340.00
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Photographer - Amy & Stuart
From: $2880.00
2 Extra options available.


Photographer - Nicole
From: $2880.00
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Wedding Photographer - Jess
From: $468.00
1 Extra options available.


Photographer & Videographer - Kin
From: $360.00