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Bartender - Maxi
Price: $378.00
Hours: 3

Welcome! Let's get this party started..

My name is Maxi Greenwood and I'm passionate about bartending, mixology and providing quality hospitality. With 13+ years in the industry as a mobile bartender / mixologist and wedding and event coordinator--I bring a quality of service the table that is unmatched. I'm also licensed through the ABC as a safety certified Bartender.

When I'm on board for an event, my first goal is to make sure everyone is enjoying the party! I also take pride in serving up a delicious cocktails and unique craft recipes such as my "Blueberry-Mint Moscow Mule, and "Strawberry Limoncello Martini" just to name a few.

As well, I'm very experienced with last-minute events and offer my Bar Coordinating Services to take the stress off of you when planning a great bar for an event. I start by creating a fun and signature drink menu with you (customized for your event), will provide you a full-detailed bar shopping list so you know exactly what to buy, can also do all the bar shopping if needed, can provide the Full Bar Top and Bar Set-Up, Ice delivery services, help with overall party setup, cleanup, provide glassware, and more!

My greatest joy comes from handling the work load so the hosts and hostesses can enjoy their event. I provide a 5-Star Service and have bartended and catered events for high-profile clientele, community leaders and family parties, kids parties and locals.

Fully Committed to hospitality excellence with a smile and style!


What's included:

  • Safety certified Bartender
  • All required equipment
  • Garnishes
  • Mixes/Mixers
  • Cups/Straws/Napkins
  • Mobile bar (if needed)

Price: $378.00

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