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Bartender - Melissa
Price: $50.00
Hours: 1

Maintain the following programs: house-made syrups, fresh juices, batching, barrel aged cocktails, bespoke coffee, hot beverages and any specialty cocktails. Oversee the appearance and timeliness of the cocktails, coffees, juices, & wine levels that are sent out to the floor from the service well. The overall cleanliness of the bar including: underneath bar top, the sink basins, speed rails, storage areas, floors and drains below the wells, back bar bottles, glassware shelves, all metal surfaces on low boys, and espresso machine, etc… Bar team side work sheets – keep side work sheets current, cocktail recipes, and specialty ingredients.

Price: $50.00

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Bartender - Christine
From: $50.00

Highly motivated hopsitality specialist seeking to passionately apply 10+ years talent to ...

Bartender - Maxi
From: $378.00

I bring a quality of service the table that is unmatched. I'm also licensed through the AB...

Bartender - Holly
From: $60.00


Bartender - Vincent
4 From: $56.00
2 Extra options available.


Bartender - Roxana
From: $50.00


Bartender - Elawna
4 From: $50.00


Bartender - Cody
5 From: $50.00


Bartender - Daneshea
4 From: $58.00