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Bartender - Joshua
Price: $454.00
Hours: 3

Originally from Germany, Joshua has learned the way around the bar in his early years (Germany's minimum legal drinking age is 16). From beer to Tequila, no bottle was kept unturned and taste tested. When moving to the US, he started Barspirit with the dream to create unforgettable event experiences for people and satisfy his need for creativity when making custom signature drinks. He takes pride in his company and the competency of his staff. He treats new customers like loyalists and returning customers like friends to make everyone feel special and equally important. "It might be an addiction, but I get nervous if I can't get back to a client right away!" - Joshua M.

Price: $454.00

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Bartender - Christine
From: $50.00

Highly motivated hopsitality specialist seeking to passionately apply 10+ years talent to ...

Bartender - Maxi
From: $378.00

I bring a quality of service the table that is unmatched. I'm also licensed through the AB...

Bartender - Holly
From: $60.00


Bartender - Vincent
4 From: $56.00
2 Extra options available.


Bartender - Roxana
From: $50.00


Bartender - Elawna
4 From: $50.00


Bartender - Cody
5 From: $50.00


Bartender - Daneshea
4 From: $58.00